Die Wunschformeln: eine kontrastive Analyse zwischen Standardspanischem und –deutschem

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Universidad de Praga
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Routine formulas are significant linguistic phenomena in the areas of foreign language teaching and bilingual lexicography. Nevertheless, few contrastive works of these units exist for the German- Spanish language pair. The aim of this paper is a pragmalinguistic contrastive analysis of ‘wishing formulas’. The main criterion of contrasting is the pragmatic value of the units, i.e. the speech acts that can be performed through them, as well as the situational and sociolinguistic features of the formulas and the productivity of certain syntactic-lexical patterns in German and Spanish. Equivalences and differences between groups of formulas as well as between the individual units of both languages are identified.
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Linguistica Pragensia, 29/1, 47-66
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