Knowledge and degree of training of primary education teachers in relation to ICTtaught to students with disabilities.

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The integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the inclusive classroom requires competent teaching staff from both the technological and pedagogical points of view. Within this context, and with the aim of looking at one of these theoretical premises, this study aimed to identify the degree of training and technological knowledge of primary school teachers in Spain with respect to the use of ICT with individuals with disabilities (functional diversity). A descriptive ex post-facto research method was used, where the sample comprised 777 teachers. An ad-hoc questionnaire was used as the data- collection instrument. The results revealed the low skill levels of the teachers with respect to the use of ICT with students with disabilities, where the level of training of the teaching staff was determined by personal (gender, age), professional (teaching experience) or educational (qualifications) variables. The findings of this study point to the need for teacher training that instructs teachers on the use of ICT in order to favour the learning and educational innovation of students with disabilities.
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The work was financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness within the State Plan for the Development of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence 2013–2016 (DIFOTICYD EDU2016 75232-P).
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British Journal of Educational Technology, vol 50, nº 4, p. 1961-1978.
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