How to emerge stronger: Antecedents and consequences of organizational resilience.

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Organizations have to strive in an uncertain and challenging environment. Hence, the role resilience played at work has been of special interest in the last decade, although empirical research is still scant, especially regarding the antecedents and the consequences resilience has. In this study we analyse the role corporate social responsibility plays towards employees (CSRE) in the promotion of resilience at work, and how resilience results in organizational learning capability (OLC) and firm performance. Structural equation modelling was used to test our model with a sample of 296 companies from different sectors. Results show that CSRE had a positive influence on organizational resilience, which in turn affected firm performance via OLC. Therefore, we tested the antecedents and consequences resilience had empirically, whose practical implications in terms of further human resource management activities are also discussed.
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Journal of Management & Organization, vol 27, nº 3 , pp.442-459.
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