GECEM: Newsletter, n. 4 (Spring 2020)

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Pérez-García, Manuel
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GECEM Project / Universidad Pablo de Olavide
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During the academic year 2019-2020, GECEM has undertaken several academic initiatives and presented preliminary results to further the project¿s goals. These include interdisciplinary studies, Open Science research which is accessible to the world, and expanding knowledge of Sino-European international relations, particularly the economic ties between both regions as well as socio-cultural transfers. The above areas stand out as the main pillars supporting the project¿s objective of comprehending past, present, and forseeable issues in China-Europe relations and finding solutions for current and even future problems, today. For example, the analysis of consumer behaviour, market integration between China and Europe, the so-called ¿early globalization¿ and circulation of global goods in Chinese and European markets during the Qing dynasty, sheds light upon and approaches the great divergence debate and the factors of northwestern Europe¿s take-off and China¿s economic stagnation in the first Industrial Revolution from a totally different perspective.
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GECEM: Newsletter, n. 4 (Spring 2020), pp. 1-24.
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