Multilingual Glossary. Migrations, Gender and Inclusion

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Cárdenas-Rodríguez, Rocio
Aleksic, Kassia
Bajt, Veronica
Bergano, Sofia
Biligha, Patience
Chiappelli, Tiziana
Di Grigoli, Antonio Raimondo
Fouskas, Theodoros
Frelih, Mojca
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Voices of Immigrant Women
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This publication is one of the second product of the Erasmus + Project entitled Voices of Immigrant Women (Project Number: 2020-1-ES01-KA203-082364). This product is a Multilingual Glossary where different terms related to Migration, Gender and Inclusion are presented. It analyzes from a gender perspective the different concepts linked to the theme. You will find all the terms in five different languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. The added value of this product is its multilingual nature and the gender approach that is the backbone of the entire analysis.
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Technical coordination: Rais, Carlo (Pixel Associazione - Italy); Martellini, Lorenzo (Pixel Associazione - Italy) Collaborating team: Díaz-Jiménez, Rosa (Universidad Pablo de Olavide - Spain); Esteban-Ibañez, Macarena (Universidad Pablo de Olavide - Spain); Monreal Gimeno, Carmen (Universidad Pablo de Olavide - Spain); Pérez-de-Guzmán-Puya, Victoria (Universidad Pablo de Olavide - Spain)
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