Segmenting customers according to online word‑of‑mouth about hotels

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There is a renewed interest in the study of online word-of-mouth behavior due to the increasing use of the Internet and the development of social networks. This paper focuses on the receiver perspective to analyze the unequal influence of the antecedents of online consumer searches. The main purpose is to detect the heterogeneity of the effect of different motivations (convenience, risks reduction and social reassurance) and the volume of comments on the willingness to check online reviews. Based on 393 guests of hotels, a mixture regression model indicates the existence of three internally consistent segments, which reveal the varying influence on consumer intentions to look at online comments.
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Proyectos de investigación ECO2016-76553-R This research has been developed within the framework of the research project funded by the State Research Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Reference no.: PID2020-112660RBI00/ AEI / 10.13039 / 501100011033), the Funding for Consolidated Research teams of the Regional Council of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society (Reference no.: AICO2021/144/ GVA) and the Funding for Special Research Actions of Universitat de València (Reference no.: UV-INVAE-1553911).
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Moliner-Velázquez, B., Fuentes-Blasco, M. & Gil-Saura, I. Segmenting customers according to online word-of-mouth about hotels. Serv Bus 15, 103–130 (2021).
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