Intervención con Menores con Diversidad Funcional y sus Familias Apoyado con Terapias Asistidas con Perros

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As in any research process, an essential step to follow is to perform a search in different means of previous research, and to synthesize existing knowledge on the subject. What motivated me in this research was first of all my passion for Social Work and Rescued Dogs, where by uniting these areas born the unknown world of Dog-assisted Therapies, and secondly because I knew the existence of two magnificent projects . One was INTAP (Intervention with Dog-assisted Therapies) and another at the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation (FBM) where he intervenes in the interaction between the dog and the person. Also in a personal capacity, in my childhood, the professionals who saw me advised my parents to relate to animals, so that my intellectual development would be more fruitful and enriching.
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