Nuevos datos acerca de la necrópolis romana del sector septentrional de Colonia Romula Hispalis

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Durante la Intervención Arqueológica de urgencia realizada en las Parcelas M-2 y M-3 de la calle Virgen del Carmen Doloroso, documentamos una necrópolis de incineración situada cronológicamente en el siglo I de nuestra era, necrópolis que queda soterrada bajo niveles de habitación del siglo II. Nuevamente durante el siglo IV, asistimos a la ocupación del espacio con nuevos enterramientos, esta vez de inhumación.--------------------------------------------------------------------We present the combined results of the urgent excavation and construction survey taken place at the lots M-2 and M-3 on Virgen del Carmen Doloroso street. The stratigraphic sequence covers the different periods of use and occupation of this city lot, beginning at Roman times and continuing until today without interruption. The earliest evidence consists of 1st century AD incineration tombs. This funeral oreo is occupied in the 2nd century with domestic buildings. In the 4th century the lot recovered its use as a necropolis, as several late Roman burials were found.
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