Identifying livestock behavior patterns based on accelerometer dataset

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In large livestock farming it would be beneficial to be able to automatically detect behaviors in animals. In fact, this would allow to estimate the health status of individuals, providing valuable insight to stock raisers. Traditionally this process has been carried out manually, relying only on the experience of the breeders. Such an approach is effective for a small number of individuals. However, in large breeding farms this may not represent the best approach, since, in this way, not all the animals can be effectively monitored all the time. Moreover, the traditional approach heavily rely on human experience, which cannot be always taken for granted. To this aim, in this paper, we propose a new method for automatically detecting activity and inactivity time periods of animals, as a behavior indicator of livestock. In order to do this, we collected data with sensors located in the body of the animals to be analyzed. In particular, the reliability of the method was tested with data collected on Iberian pigs and calves. Results confirm that the proposed method can help breeders in detecting activity and inactivity periods for large livestock farming.
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Journal of Computational Science, vol. 41, p. 101076
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