Gender and women in the governance of silvopastoral systems

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The management of silvopastoral systems connects very different social actors at diverse scales and levels of governance. Understanding women’s roles in the governance of silvopastoral systems requires inquiring into the relationships between people who identify with different genders and institutions, such as legislation, markets, governments, associations, rural enterprises, etc. How does women’s engagement with these institutions influence their ability to make decisions, negotiate, and interact with other actors, thus contributing to governance? The issues that shape the interactions between gender, natural resource management, and governance are multiple and complex, including differential socialization processes with regard to nature and care, differential access to resources, work, power, prestige, and trust. The objective of this chapter is to explore the intersection between women/gender and governance of the silvopastoral systems of the Iberian Peninsula. We first carry out a systematic review of the academic literature, and then present preliminary qualitative results from three case studies in Spain. Although rural studies with a gender or feminist perspective have increased over the past two decades, these works do not relate directly to the Dehesas, Montado, or other silvopastoral systems Thus, our first aim was to scrutinize the academic literature on gender and governance, identifying key findings and knowledge gaps. The second aim was to share observations from three qualitative ethnographic studies about the role of women in the governance of extensive livestock farming in the Dehesa and other silvopastoral systems of Andalusia and Catalonia (Spain), as well as in cork harvesting in Andalusia (Spain).
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PAIDI 2020/I+D+i FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020/PY20-00864
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Pinto-Correia, T., M. H. Guimarães, G.Moreno, and R. Acosta-Naranjo, editors. Governance for Mediterranean silvopastoral systems. Lessons from the Iberian dehesas and montados. Routledge, pp. 87-102.
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