Risk and vulnerability assessment in coastal environments applied to heritage buildings in Havana (Cuba) and Cadiz (Spain)

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In this paper, diagnostic tools are utilized to conduct a vulnerability analysis of monuments located in a coastal environment in accordance with a raft of standards drawn up by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 31000, in order to identify the main risks for Cultural Heritage in Havana (Cuba) and Cadiz (Spain). Vulnerability analysis is based on a Leopold matrix, which models the relationship between major hazards and pathologies in order to evaluate coastal influence and the risks for the conservation of cultural heritage. The quantitative matrix allows for a cause-effect analysis to be conducted for the main scenarios, related to the state of conservation. These relationships are a key step in risk assessment and treatment strategies. Major hazards have been identified by different public bodies and agencies to provide information about the probability and intensity of these variables in the vulnerability matrix. The combination of vulnerability index assessment, which depends on intrinsic variables and environmental scenarios, and knowledge of the main hazards in Havana and Cadiz, has provided useful tools to conduct risk assessments for cultural heritage conservation in coastal environments, where climate conditions, geomorphology and social issues are the main hazards, while vulnerability is associated with conservation plans. These tools provide information that will enable decision-makers in different coastal environments to prioritize strategies for cultural heritage preservation.
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proyectos competitivos HUM-6775, BIA2015-64878-R y UPO-03.
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Betzaida Rodriguez-Rosales; Dahimi Abreu; Rocio Ortiz; Javier Becerra; Ana E. Cepero-Acán; Mª Auxiliadora Vázquez; Pilar Ortiz. Risk and vulnerability assessment in coastal environments applied to heritage buildings in Havana (Cuba) and Cadiz (Spain).Science of the Total Environment. 750, pp. 141617. Elsevier, 01/01/2021. ISSN 0048-9697 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.141617
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