Lack of experience in the use the rotational inertia device is a limitation to mechanical squat performance

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It has been showed that previous experience in the use of rotational inertia devices (RIDs) enhances acute performance outcomes. The purpose of this study was to examine the differences in kinetic and kinematic profiles between athletes with and without experience in the use of different RIDs. Thirty-nine healthy men performed a half-squat incremental test on two different RIDs: a horizontal cylinder (YY) and a vertical cone-shaped axis (CP). The participants were grouped based on experience in the use of rotational inertia devices. Time, peak velocity, peak force, time to reach peak force, average force, impulse, and range of movement were analyzed to determine the differences between groups. Several biomechanical parameters differed between experts and non-experts using the same device with the same moments of inertia. Range of movement was higher in expert than in non-expert subjects only in YY devices. Experts achieved higher values using CP and YY devices in squat exercises than non-experts, except for eccentric peak force for YY. Previous experience in the use of RIDs will influence the results obtained in squat exercises.
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Retos, 42, 12-17
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