Andreaea barbarae (Andreaeaceae, Bryophytina), a new moss species from Lesotho

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Maguilla Salado, Enrique
Luceño Garcés, Modesto
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Magnolia Press
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Specimens of Andreaea sect. Andreaea collected in Lesotho show morphological differences from the remaining Sub-Saharan Africa species in the group. Particularly, Lesotho specimens have much larger spores, a character diagnostic in the genus. Spore size also separates the Lesotho specimens from typical A. rupestris from the Northern Hemisphere. Consequently, we describe a new species from the highlands of Lesotho (Andreaea barbarae). Additionally, we present a taxonomic key to all accepted species of Andreaea sect. Andreaea in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Phytotaxa, vol 336, nº2, p. 148-158
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