Remarks on the determination of the Landau gauge OPE for the asymmetric three gluon vertex

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We compute a compact operator product expansion (OPE) formula describing power corrections to the perturbative expression for the asymmetric momentum subtraction¿(MOM¿¿) renormalized running coupling constant up to the leading logarithm. By the use of a phenomenological hypothesis leading to the factorization of the condensates through a perturbative vacuum insertion, the only relevant condensate in the game is ¿A2¿. The validity of the OPE formula is tested by searching for a good-quality coherent description of previous lattice evaluations of the MOM¿-renormalized gluon propagator and running coupling.
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Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 64 (11), art. no. 114003
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