Sports Science in the Spanish National Research, Development and Innovation Plan. A historical overview

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Universidad de Alicante
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The I Plan Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo (I+D) (1989-1991) (I National Research and Development Plan) (R&D) created in 1988, included Sports Research as one of the 23 National Programmers of its Scientific Policy. However, from the II Plan Nacional I+D (1992-1995) (II National R&D Plan) to 2005, Sports Science was excluded from these Plans. Therefore, for a whole decade, Sports Science was not present in the National Programmes of Fundamental Research. Nevertheless, since 1995 different sectors sought to boost a scientific policy to back Sports Science and in 1998 published the Libro Blanco de la I+D en el Deporte (White Book on Sports R&D). In 2004, the Sports State Secretary of the Higher Sport Council (CSD), having analyzed the proposals of that book and other up-to-date proposals, suggested the Ministry of Education and Science to implement the call again. Then it was suggested a Strategic Action on Sports and Physical Activity (2005-2008) within the V Plan Nacional Investigación, Desarrollo e innovación (I+D+i) (2004-2007) (V National Research, Development and Innovation Plan) (R&D&i). Later on, in the VI Plan Nacional I+D+i (2008-2011) (VI National R&D&i Plan) the Health Institute Carlos III included a Sub-programme on Health, Sports and Physical Activity (2008-2011). The success of the Strategic Actions caused Sports Science to be incorporated into the VI Plan Nacional I+D+I, (2008-2011) supported by the Department Director of Social Sciences and Humanities, from the Sub-directorate General for Research Projects of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. A historical overview will allows us to better understand this achievement without overlooking developments in the past, and will help us appreciate the long way traveled in catching up with the rest of sciences. The participation of researchers in consecutive calls is essential in ensuring the ongoing presence of Sports Science in National Programmes for Fundamental Research.
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Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, 6(3), 554-572
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