A new deep learning architecture with inductive bias balance for transformer oil temperature forecasting

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Ensuring the optimal performance of power transformers is a laborious task in which the insulation system plays a vital role in decreasing their deterioration. The insulation system uses insulating oil to control temperature, as high temperatures can reduce the lifetime of the transformers and lead to expensive maintenance. Deep learning architectures have been demonstrated remarkable results in various felds. However, this improvement often comes at the cost of increased computing resources, which, in turn, increases the carbon footprint and hinders the optimization of architectures. In this study, we introduce a novel deep learning architecture that achieves a comparable efcacy to the best existing architectures in transformer oil temperature forecasting while improving efciency. Efective forecasting can help prevent high temperatures and monitor the future condition of power transformers, thereby reducing unneces‑ sary waste. To balance the inductive bias in our architecture, we propose the Smooth Residual Block, which divides the original problem into multiple subproblems to obtain diferent representations of the time series, collaboratively achieving the fnal forecast‑ ing. We applied our architecture to the Electricity Transformer datasets, which obtain transformer insulating oil temperature measures from two transformers in China. The results showed a 13% improvement in MSE and a 57% improvement in performance compared to the best current architectures, to the best of our knowledge. Moreo‑ ver, we analyzed the architecture behavior to gain an intuitive understanding of the achieved solution.
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Jiménez-Navarro, M.J., Martínez-Ballesteros, M., Martínez-Álvarez, F. et al. A new deep learning architecture with inductive bias balance for transformer oil temperature forecasting. J Big Data 10, 80 (2023).
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