Employment status of immigrant women

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Hernández Carrera, Rafael
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Migration is an everlasting event that is not close to get to an end, since it has always happened around all regions across the world and even now, accessibility to more resources makes it more capable to develop. In addition, changeable factors such as socio-economic, politics or social will determine which circumstances are related to migrate according to the demands of the current moment. However there is a peculiarity not ever seen before, which is the increase number of female immigration. The most important goal for this investigative grade final project is to make an exhaustive analysis and assessment about the challenges, barriers and status female immigrant women face once they have overcome their migratory journey and are resettled in our country. The realization of this research has made me aware of how necessary is to count on social educators in intervention with female immigrants. This highlights the discriminative and negative effects on female immigrants that need to be changed in order to make visible their human rights and act against any violence and racist action or policy.
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