Malvárez, Gonzalo

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Universidad Pablo de Olavide
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Coastal Environments
Recursos Naturales, Energía y Medio Ambiente
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Gestión del Territorio y Medio Ambiente. Riesgos naturales. Medio Costero y Marino, Historia y Estudios Humanísticos
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    An interdisciplinary approach to the collapse of the port and degradation of freshwater resources at Panama Viejo (Panama), 1519-1671
    (Wiley Periodicals LLC, 2024-01-24) Martos Nieto, Miriam; Aram, Bethany; Malvárez, Gonzalo
    The Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo (Panama) comprises a protected area of 28 km2 within present-day Panama City, on America's Pacific coast. In 1519, the Spaniards founded the city of Panama Viejo to secure a natural port in an area inhabited by indigenous peoples since at least the eighth century CE. The site, along the coastline and between two rivers, became a principal gateway for goods and people travelling between Europe and Pacific settlements to the east (Realejo) and the west (Trujillo, Lima, Arica). Within one century, however, Panama Viejo's natural port and freshwater infrastructure collapsed, leading to the city's relocation after corsairs attacked it in 1671. This study combines archaeological, geographical and historical analyses to explain how and why human interactions with the local environment made the settlement increasingly untenable.