Palacios Florencio, Beatriz

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Palacios Florencio
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
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Comercialización e Investigación de Mercados
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  • Publication
    Gastronomic experience as a factor of motivation in the tourist movements
    (Elsevier, 2019) Berbel Pineda, Juan Manuel; Palacios Florencio, Beatriz; Ramírez-Hurtado, José M.; Santos-Roldán, Luna
    Gastronomy has become one of the fundamental elements in the choice of a tourist destination (15% of tourists have, among their main motivations in choosing their tourist destination, the place's gastronomy). This has meant the birth of a new tourist modality, the so-called “Gastronomic Tourism”. However, research on gastronomic tourism has been scant. The principal aim of this work is a tourist destination's level of satisfaction, considering gastronomy as an element of tourist motivation. To do so, a survey has been carried out with 325 tourists after their visiting the city of Seville (one of the main tourist destinations in Spain). This has enabled us to know the motivations which stem from a specific behaviour and attitude towards this tourist destination. The results show that the gastronomic motivation influences the choice of the tourist destination and the gastronomic experience affects satisfaction. Furthermore, these tourists show a high level of satisfaction with the gastronomic offer of this destination, leading even to loyalty.
  • Publication
    Relation of Country-of-Origin Effect, Culture, and Type of Product with the Consumer’s Shopping Intention: An Analysis for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    (Wiley Hindawi, 2018) Berbel Pineda, Juan Manuel; Palacios Florencio, Beatriz; Santos-Roldán, L.; Ramírez-Hurtado, José M.
    To obtain information about foreign markets is a very complex task for small- and medium-sized enterprises. This work’s aim is to find out how certain variables are related to the consumer’s shopping intention. It will help these firms to get a better knowledge of this intention. The work is specifically centred on products related to the gastronomy of a particular place. Through a sample of 154 tourists who visited this destination, we sought to know these products’ degree of acceptation. Via structural equation modelling, it has been possible to determine the relevance which the variables of country of origin, gastronomic culture, and type of product have regarding the shopping intention. The work’s novelty is to contribute a methodology of gathering information in the destination on the likes and behaviour patterns of foreign consumers without the need of costly research in their countries of origin.